Dr Tariq Jagmag

Dr. Tariq Jagmag is primarily educated as a dentist from Government dental college and hospital, Mumbai. He was fascinated by the field of Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology (PNEI) and he pursued this further. He is currently the scientific advisor at Glowderma Lab Pvt Ltd, a dermatological pharma company and its sister concern Herbicine to develop low dose cytokines. He is associated with FOCIS (Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies) ; and has attended various Harvard university, US certification courses to keep abreast with the recent developments. He is involved in developing new and innovative products every year, do research, conduct trials and publications of the new products. His expertise and in depth understanding of immunological pathways along with their effects in various chronic diseases has enabled him to help many doctors with their patients across globe to get better from chronic disease conditions.

He conducts regular training programs for health practitioners on basic immunology, role of immunology in various diseases and their pathways; training on different cytokines and homeopathic remedies and treatment modalities for various diseases. He integrates knowledge of homeopathics along with immunology and cytokines for better patient management. His lectures are also recognised by Medical Practitioners Coalition Association of Malaysia and attendees are awarded CPD points. The ongoing webinar series is the next step in understanding homeopathic remedies and cytokines from the immunology point of view for various chronic diseases.If you wish to know more about the training progammes please contact us

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  • Certification in Immunology – Vaccines and Viral Immunology – 2022 (Harvard University, United States)
  • Certification in Advanced immunology – Novel therapies for chronic inflammation – 2021 (Harvard University, United States)
  • Certification in Immuno-oncology – 2020 (Harvard University, United States)
  • Post graduate diploma in Diabetes 2018-19 (Deakin University, Australia)
  • Certificate in Immunology 2018 (Harvard University, United States)
  • Certification in Genetics 2018 (Harvard University, United States)
  • Certification in Biochemistry 2018 (Harvard University, United States)
  • Certification in Pharmacology 2018 (Harvard University, United States)
  • Certification in Physiology 2018 (Harvard University, United States)
  • Certification in Functional Medicine 2015 – 17 (Academy of Functional Medicine, Dr. Gant)
  • Certification in Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy 2014 (BHR, UK)

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