Long COVID case

An elderly patient with severe COVID and on ventilator support had completely recovered with treatment of antiviral COVID combo and low dose VIP, Trichostatin A. But post COVID she developed myalgia and breathlessness. It improved with the antifibrosis combo but improvement stalled after a month. Patient would get breathless and SpO2 would drop to 80 after a short walk (previously she could not sit up also without SpO2 dropping).

On taking further history she complained of acidity, she would avoid adding spice to any food.

Gave her homeopathy thuja which fixed acidity and improved breathing further. SpO2 now increased to 85 after walking. But this improvement also stalled again after 2 weeks. We now added low dose klotho; and after a few days of klotho the SpO2 increased to 92 after walking. Even after the 6 min walk test the SpO2 stayed above 92.

Note : Klotho helps against lung oxidative damage. Even with glutathione and NOX 2 blockade which she was on the required antioxidant effect had not reached.