Down syndrome

Sharing the case of a 7 year old down syndrome boy who could only communicate in mono syllables and that too just very few syllables. He also had rashes on and off which he described as pricking, would poke his mum to tell how he felt. He is a lovely child, very loving but just cannot communicate with his parents and family.

I started him on Croc 5 drop BD and apis 200c 2 drops BD. Two weeks later he could say 1 word at a time on and off.

I increased the Croc to 10 BD and the apis to 3 drops BD. The rashes resolved and he started saying 2 to 3 words at a time.

I got a bit bolder and increased his Croc to 20 drops BD and its been 3 weeks now. He is able to speak in short sentences with confidence. The mum is ecstatic and grateful. Thank you Dr tariq…you now gave him quality of life.