A 52 yr old man who is an avid badminton player with chronic low BP (100/60 mm Hg) came in with extreme anxiety and very fidgety. He also complained of bad insomnia. No bowel or bladder issues. No prevalence to hot or cold but had an innate fear of dying. Blood tests revealed very high uric acid levels. 

Patient was started on homeopathic remedy E.coli. He was also given oral cytokines gout combo as he did have some tarsometatarsal pain on and off along with Vitamin D.

After 1 week the patient was calm, and was able to sleep for more than 5 hrs without waking up in the middle. There is no more trembling and the patient showed no signs of being fearful.

Note: The infection of E. Coli can cause neural inflammation and hence uric acid goes up. Uric acid serves as an antioxidant for the nerves. The killing of the E. coli helped reduce the anxiety.