What is long COVID?

Long COVID is present in a person when the symptoms of COVID-19 such as fatigue, persistent cough, chest pain, exertional dyspnea (breathlessness), cognitive or mental disturbances, arthralgia (joint pain), declined quality of life etc persist after a negative RTPCR. The symptoms are still present after 12 weeks of becoming COVID-19 negative through lab test.

Symptoms of Long COVID :
    1. Fatigue, muscular weakness, joint pain
    2. Cardio-pulmonary symptoms – persistent cough, shortness of breath, reduced physical capacity, palpitations, high BP, chest pain etc
    3. Gastric symptoms – diarrhea, stomach cramps, lack of apetite
    4. Lack of smell or parosmia
    5. Hairfall
    6. Neurological – mental slowing, anger, depression, anxiety bouts, palsy, sleep disturbances
    7. Acute kidney disease


Pathophysiology of long COVID – a comprehensive and clear explanation by Dr Tariq Jagmag at the platform of World Council for Health

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Pictographic representation of Long COVID symptoms




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Long COVID-19