Early greying of hair

A 21 yr old male patient complained of early greying of hair. Patient did not have a family history of early greying of hair. He had an itchy scalp and dandruff. After 3 months of treatment with hair topical, oral antifungal combo and homeopathic remedy lycopodium, hair colour changed to black along with the resolution of dandruff. 


Note : This is a case of norepinephrine and sympathetic nervous system triggered early greying of hair. The beta 2 adrenergic receptor gets triggered by the norepinephrine causing the melanocytes in the hair bulb to migrate out of the hair root causing greying of the hair. 

We just blocked out the beta 2 receptor with lycopodium; this stopped the melanocyte migration and restored the hair color. Treating the malassezia or fungal infection was important too because it was triggering the sympathetic nervous system which can also cause the greying of hair even without the beta 2 adrenergic receptor.

Note: For late stage greying of hair, eriodictyon topical is very useful when added on.