Periondontal abscess

I had a patient with a periodontal abcess. There were artificial dental crowns placed on both teeth and due to food impaction there was a periodontal abcess which was oozing out.
Ideal treatment would have been scaling out the abscess and surgical debridement.
The patient was going out so he called asking for temporary help.
I gave him my dental abscess combo of the following : homeopathy Ruta + gunpowder + belladonna + calendula + hepar sul 30c.

After 2 days the entire abscess has healed. Absolute miracle really.


This combo is useful for just about any dental abscess either periodontal or periapical.
If a root canal is required then it is definitely required and it should be done but using this combo we can heal the infection which otherwise causes the rootcanal to fail after few years.
In geriatric cases where treatment is difficult this can save them from pain and infection.