Cold in 3yr old

Cold in 3 yr old

3 year old girl with fever, cough and runny nose since few days. Her cough was very bad like barking cough and she was crying continously.
She had been to 3 clinics before but her symptoms did not subside.
I treated her with homeopathy ferrum phos, apis, ruta, senega, spongia tosta, chamomile and low dose CMV and epstein barr nosode. After 2 days she was totally fine.


Herpes zoster

Herpes zoster infection case

A 32 year old female patient came with burning pain in the right arm; herpectic lesions were seen on the hand. She said it got better with heat.

Gave her homeopathy rhus tox 10m with low dose antiviral and epstein barr nosode.
There was relief but not fast enough from my experiences with herpes so added homeopathy lachesis. She was quite verbal and felt a constriction like sensation around the area. Again some improvement happened but not fast enough.

Took some further history and realized she was short tempered in the house. Voila, gave her homeopathy lycopodium. After first dose in 15 minutes all her pain went and lesions flattened out.

SNS immunosuppression is a serious problem for viral and fungal infections


Dental abscess

Periondontal abscess

I had a patient with a periodontal abcess. There were artificial dental crowns placed on both teeth and due to food impaction there was a periodontal abcess which was oozing out.
Ideal treatment would have been scaling out the abscess and surgical debridement.
The patient was going out so he called asking for temporary help.
I gave him my dental abscess combo of the following : homeopathy Ruta + gunpowder + belladonna + calendula + hepar sul 30c.

After 2 days the entire abscess has healed. Absolute miracle really.


This combo is useful for just about any dental abscess either periodontal or periapical.
If a root canal is required then it is definitely required and it should be done but using this combo we can heal the infection which otherwise causes the rootcanal to fail after few years.
In geriatric cases where treatment is difficult this can save them from pain and infection.


Epstein barr rash

Epstein barr infection

A 27 year old pregnant lady came in with itchy rash on arms and legs. Sha has a long history of allergic skin rash.

Upon investigations her tests came postive for epstein barr virus as suggested by our Teacher and after treatment with lose dose EBV nosode for 1 month she has got releif.



Tongue numbness

Tongue numbness post chicken pox

A 79 yrs old lady with history of chicken pox on her right neck, face to the nose site.
She feel very sharp pain on her ear and numbness of her tongue.

Patient was on Inj B12 weekly for one month, Lyrica on nights and tablet B12 daily; this slightly showed improvement.

I added low dose Antiviral drops at 20-0-20 dose, low dose Epstein barr nosode 10 drops daily.

Spoke to Dr Tariq; he advised to add in low dose Glutathione+Na EDTA+ Ca EDTA at dose of 20-0-20
Now pateint is completely free of the tongue numbness, she also can feel the taste of the food.



Case of adenoids, acidity and dental decay

A child about 7 years old came with recurrent dental decay issue, the decay was in the lower milk teeth. I asked if she slept with mouth open (this dries the mouth and leads to decay). Mom said she did that and used to snore loudly. This pointed to adenoids.

So I asked if adenoids was diagnosed before, she said in a routine dental OPG adenoids were seen about 3 years ago.

Now adenoids in kids are caused by low grade H pylori infections so I asked if she had acidity bouts. Mom look surprised and said yes yes, its very bad, we give her antacids for this.

I put her on following meds

  • low dose Hpylori
  • homeopathy amm carb (removes the ammonia the H pylori make to escape acid)

  • Next day morning her mom called to say that there was zero snoring and no requirement of any anta acid.

low dose ozone

  • bismuth met (it removes the hypergastrenemia caused by persistant anta acids – the child used to vomit upon eating, too much gastrin causes increases stomach motility)
  • sang can (if she did not eat on time she would get vomiting with a headache)

  • Next day morning her mom called to say that there was zero snoring and no requirement of any anta acid.



    Neuralgic pain

    Neuralgic pain post Herpes zoster infection

    I got 2 cases with severe neuralgic pains post herpes zoster infection.

    I gave both homeopathy podophyllum which improved pains by 50 percent or so, the pains lessened in intensity but kept coming back at different times of the day.

    Both cases developed dry mouth with frequent urination. This pointed to the need of kreosotum. Gave both of them homeopathy kreosotum. Next day both of them said there is no neuropathy pain left.

    Note :

    • Kreosotum is an anasthethic and reduces cal ion influx; varicella zoster significantly upregulates cal ions in the affected neurons upping the gene expressions of bhlha 15, cacna1f, cacng1 etc (cal upregulating genes). As cal ion influx increases it does so in the bladder too causing a mildly leaky bladder, patient has to run to the bathroom or will wet themselves and also causes dry mouth. Remeber in your future herpes zoster cases keep podophyllum and kreosotum handy.
    • Low dose antiviral combo, Epstein barr nososde and homeopathy rhus tox (better on heat) or sulphur (better on cold) or lachesis (worse hot water) are not able to treat the neuropathy but just the herpetic lesions.

    Foot infection

    Right foot infection

    52 year old man presented with right foot infection since 10 days. Initially saw a General Practitioner who didn’t touch his foot and gave his antibiotics and some antibiotic cream and sent him home.

    He was working as a supervisor at the construction site, no other medical issue. When I pressed his sole there was oozing of clear fluids and the foot smelled like meat soaked in water for a long time.

    I started him on
    1) unasyn 375mg bd for 5 days
    2) Silicea 200c
    3) Gun powder 6X
    4) lycopodium 200c
    5) sulphur 200c

    He can for daily dressing for a week but didn’t show much improvement.

    He went to another hospital for same issue. There blood test came back negative on bacteria. Xray taken and no sign of infection. He was asked for regular dressing and painkiller was given for pain management. I However asked him to continue on my treatment.

    In next 2 weeks the wound showed gradual improvement and his infection wound dried up.

    Note :

    • The silicea, lycopodium, sulphur with gunpowder are a fantastic combo for infections.
    • Homeopathy hepar sul and pyrogenicum should be used when the wound smells.



    Parvovirus b19

    Case of parvovirus b19

    A small child came with bright red cheeks, he had itchy rash on the body too with fever. He also had impetigo, old mosquito bite on legs had turned hyperpigmented and were itchy.
    Looked like a case of slapped cheek syndrome, with impetigo and post insect bite inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

    For the PIH I gave homeopathy apis+ledum pal.
    For the impetigo gave pulsatilla and gunpowder. Hydrastis could have also been given but I did not. I gave pulsatilla because the area was bright red.
    For the slapped cheek syndrome due to Parvoviros b19 gave sang can.

    After 3 days all conditions improved very well. In fact within a few hours the child became stable in terms of the cheek flushing and itching.


    Acute bronchitis in a baby

    Case of acute bronchitis in a baby

    A 6 month old baby got wet in water and was put in an AC environment when wet; she developed low grade fever with nose watering. The lungs were congested making her breathing difficult, sputum which came out was thick and stringy. The baby was vomiting all the food and would not eat. Mom called me late at night yesterday.
    Mostly the diagnosis seemed like a RSV infection.
    Sarted her on ipecac, ars alb (exposure from cold causing flu) and hydrastis (congestion with thick stringy sputum).
    Baby was able to breathe better in 2 hours. Was abe to drink some milk and sleep through the night. Next day sputum was coming out easily and baby was also eating well.

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