Neuralgic pain post Herpes zoster infection

I got 2 cases with severe neuralgic pains post herpes zoster infection.

I gave both homeopathy podophyllum which improved pains by 50 percent or so, the pains lessened in intensity but kept coming back at different times of the day.

Both cases developed dry mouth with frequent urination. This pointed to the need of kreosotum. Gave both of them homeopathy kreosotum. Next day both of them said there is no neuropathy pain left.

Note :

  • Kreosotum is an anasthethic and reduces cal ion influx; varicella zoster significantly upregulates cal ions in the affected neurons upping the gene expressions of bhlha 15, cacna1f, cacng1 etc (cal upregulating genes). As cal ion influx increases it does so in the bladder too causing a mildly leaky bladder, patient has to run to the bathroom or will wet themselves and also causes dry mouth. Remeber in your future herpes zoster cases keep podophyllum and kreosotum handy.
  • Low dose antiviral combo, Epstein barr nososde and homeopathy rhus tox (better on heat) or sulphur (better on cold) or lachesis (worse hot water) are not able to treat the neuropathy but just the herpetic lesions.