Foot infection

Right foot infection

52 year old man presented with right foot infection since 10 days. Initially saw a General Practitioner who didn’t touch his foot and gave his antibiotics and some antibiotic cream and sent him home.

He was working as a supervisor at the construction site, no other medical issue. When I pressed his sole there was oozing of clear fluids and the foot smelled like meat soaked in water for a long time.

I started him on
1) unasyn 375mg bd for 5 days
2) Silicea 200c
3) Gun powder 6X
4) lycopodium 200c
5) sulphur 200c

He can for daily dressing for a week but didn’t show much improvement.

He went to another hospital for same issue. There blood test came back negative on bacteria. Xray taken and no sign of infection. He was asked for regular dressing and painkiller was given for pain management. I However asked him to continue on my treatment.

In next 2 weeks the wound showed gradual improvement and his infection wound dried up.

Note :

  • The silicea, lycopodium, sulphur with gunpowder are a fantastic combo for infections.
  • Homeopathy hepar sul and pyrogenicum should be used when the wound smells.



Back pain after trauma

Back pain post injury

One 45 year old lady with back pain since 4 months came in. The MRI showed disc bulging.
The etiology was from jerk while riding a 2 wheeler scooter due to potholes and bad road conditions.
She also had anxiety issues, she would wake up at 3 in the night due to anxiety.
She had constipation from inactivity; she generally lied in bed whole day.
SHe complained of shock like pain radiating down the left leg.
When she came she was limping and took a long time to move just 2 to 3 feet.

Gave her homeoapthy lachesis (primary med in disc bulging) + kali carb (back pain and anxiety) + paraffin (entrapment nerve pain) + aloe (constipation from inactivity). And also low dose curzinc.

After 20 minutes she was able to get up from chair unsupported and walk around. She was delighted!

Next day morning she called to say that she also slept well through the night, her constipation cleared out and does not feel anxiety. She was able to wake up and get up from bed on her own and walked around unsupported.

She had been through steroid injections, NSAIDs, physiotherapy, acupuncture, acupressure before but she did not receive much relief.


Voice loss after shouting

Voice loss after shouting

A patient had voice loss after shouting loudly at a dog since a month. ENT did an endoscopy which showed traumatic inflammation.
Antacids, anti inflammatory and antibiotics had no effect on healing.
Patient had no voice at all with severe pain on trying to speak.

Gave him phoscoliv to take orally in the pill form by dissolving pill in warm milk.
After 5 days he could speak with no pain. In 12 days the voice stopped being raspy too. Full recovery completed in 15 days.


Recurrent oral ulcers

Case of recurrent oral ulcers

A patient came with a deep ulcer on tongue, he was young with no diabetes or other conditions. The B12 was normal, the ulcer recurred with high frequency; topical steroids had little effect.

I decided to use phoscoliv topically. Opened up the pill and applied on ulcer twice a day. After 4 days the ulcer completely healed. There was never complete healing before.

After a month there is no redness or recurrence. The phocoliv oil strongly blocks TNF in ulcers.


Bed sore

Bed sore

My father who is 89 years old came back with a bed sore from the hospital in May.

I started him on tarantula, calendula, hepar sul and gunpowder with lycopodium and Silicea.

The below pic are taken on 17/5/22 before I started him on the homeos. The the after photo taken on 22/6/22. I also used gun powder directly on the would during dressing.


Hip pain in elderly patient

Hip pain in elderly patient with osteoporosis

My MIL, 69 F with subclinical hypothyroidism, dopamine dependent dystonia, cervical spondylosis and mild osteoporosis, developed left hip pain on movement when she moved around at night.

She was already on Foliculinum for some months. She had a history of non-trauma hairline fracture at the same area many years back. We initially thought it was referred pain from lower back, tried the combo Conium, Cal Phos, Causticum, Caulophyllum but no improvement.

Then we added Fracture Combo which relieved the pain after 4 days. She started Dr Tariq’s Prolia now. She enjoyed herself immensely through new year.



Back pain and sciatica after injury

Back pain and sciatica after injury

A 35 yr old healthy patient had an injury to back after a fall. She started getting sciatic pain radiating to the right leg. The pain was worse on lying flat on back and walking, better by sleeping on right side. She was suffering from pain since a year. At first I gave her the injury medicines such as arnica, hypericum, rhus tox and ruta. It did not improve after a week.

We got her IGF1 tested, it was slightly on the lower end for her age. Since the pain was worse on lying down I gave her homeopathy sillicea 200c (4_0_0). And for the neuralgic component with muscular component (pain better by lying on affected side) gave her homeopathy mag phos 1M (4_0_0). After just 3 days the pain has completely gone and she can sleep and walk pain free. She will be put on low dose IGF1 and collagen pills (as expected she has stretch marks due to low IGF1) to further improve her case.