Back pain and sciatica after injury

A 35 yr old healthy patient had an injury to back after a fall. She started getting sciatic pain radiating to the right leg. The pain was worse on lying flat on back and walking, better by sleeping on right side. She was suffering from pain since a year. At first I gave her the injury medicines such as arnica, hypericum, rhus tox and ruta. It did not improve after a week.

We got her IGF1 tested, it was slightly on the lower end for her age. Since the pain was worse on lying down I gave her homeopathy sillicea 200c (4_0_0). And for the neuralgic component with muscular component (pain better by lying on affected side) gave her homeopathy mag phos 1M (4_0_0). After just 3 days the pain has completely gone and she can sleep and walk pain free. She will be put on low dose IGF1 and collagen pills (as expected she has stretch marks due to low IGF1) to further improve her case.