Back pain post injury

One 45 year old lady with back pain since 4 months came in. The MRI showed disc bulging.
The etiology was from jerk while riding a 2 wheeler scooter due to potholes and bad road conditions.
She also had anxiety issues, she would wake up at 3 in the night due to anxiety.
She had constipation from inactivity; she generally lied in bed whole day.
SHe complained of shock like pain radiating down the left leg.
When she came she was limping and took a long time to move just 2 to 3 feet.

Gave her homeoapthy lachesis (primary med in disc bulging) + kali carb (back pain and anxiety) + paraffin (entrapment nerve pain) + aloe (constipation from inactivity). And also low dose curzinc.

After 20 minutes she was able to get up from chair unsupported and walk around. She was delighted!

Next day morning she called to say that she also slept well through the night, her constipation cleared out and does not feel anxiety. She was able to wake up and get up from bed on her own and walked around unsupported.

She had been through steroid injections, NSAIDs, physiotherapy, acupuncture, acupressure before but she did not receive much relief.