Right foot infection

52 year old man presented with right foot infection since 10 days. Initially saw a General Practitioner who didn’t touch his foot and gave his antibiotics and some antibiotic cream and sent him home.

He was working as a supervisor at the construction site, no other medical issue. When I pressed his sole there was oozing of clear fluids and the foot smelled like meat soaked in water for a long time.

I started him on
1) unasyn 375mg bd for 5 days
2) Silicea 200c
3) Gun powder 6X
4) lycopodium 200c
5) sulphur 200c

He can for daily dressing for a week but didn’t show much improvement.

He went to another hospital for same issue. There blood test came back negative on bacteria. Xray taken and no sign of infection. He was asked for regular dressing and painkiller was given for pain management. I However asked him to continue on my treatment.

In next 2 weeks the wound showed gradual improvement and his infection wound dried up.

Note :

  • The silicea, lycopodium, sulphur with gunpowder are a fantastic combo for infections.
  • Homeopathy hepar sul and pyrogenicum should be used when the wound smells.