Autism and aggresiveness

Another autism case with aggresiveness behaviour

The patient was morbidly obese with high glucose, aged only 8 years. He used to constanly clap very loudly, within 15 min of seeing him my ears started ringing with his incessant clapping. He was put in restraints also to stop but the clapping did’nt stop since he broke the restraints. This was very weird

On asking about what he liked and his peculiar behaviours the mother said he drinks a lot of water constantly, fights with the other kids and beats and bites them. He was also very creative and would make lovely figures with clay.

The excess thirst pointed to bryonia more than nat mur (nat mur kids arent aggressive, if vasopressin receptors are knocked off in rats, then the rats start biting and fighting each other).

Autism kids have left brain atrophy and some have excess right brain compensation which makes them creative. The excess right brain causes extreme impulsive behaviour with inability to control emotions. The clapping was because he was watching a cartoon on the mobile, if he would stop watching he would also stop clapping but then start biting and hence he was always with a mobile. The drug for the extreme right brain activity is podophyllum.

I gave him bryonia and podophyllum; after a week all clapping and biting has stopped


Autism and ADHD

An interesting cases of autism and ADHD.

An autistic child came with aggression and hyperactivity. On taking history the mom said that he does not sleep at night and frequently wakes up. On the day he does sleep his ADHD improves, tantrums stops.
He was given ritalin before but gained too much weight and it was hence stopped, it did’nt do any good for him too after 3 mnths.

Gave him opium 200c. 4_0_0 once a day, after 3 days his mom says that he sleeps well, and he is able to go to his speech therapy classes (before he could not sit in one place and hence was’nt able to go), all tantrums have stopped..

Note : Opium made from poppy seeds is often abused and causes euphoric manic states with dyphoria. It also induces a deep awake sleep where the person isn’t asleep and is in a zombie state.

When the autism cases are better after sleeping and usually have insomia with a state of extreme hyperactivity with screaming and euphoria it is opium that rectifies.


Feeling scared

Feeling scared

A 25 yr old female patient called me saying that she is very worried that she might again start feeling scared as she had in the past (5-6 years ago). When asked what she would be scared of, she could not say anything. She said she was just feeling uneasy, was not able to sleep properly and had lot of headaches.

I gave her low dose LSD and Nat mur. After her week her worries are gone.


Acute panic attack

Sharing a case of Aconite for Acute Panic Attack.

A 22 year old male college student drove home in a panic state as he developed high grade fever in the college. Few of the dorm mates were down with COVID 19 infection and went home for quarantine.

As he approached the parking lot, he called upon his mother telling her that he was about to faint. He was in anguished state, red faced, breathless and body was hot upon touching and the parents had to dragged him to his room.

Upon taking the blood pressure using sphygnometer, patient suddenly developed carpo pedal spasm, unable to talk and was whispering to take him to hospital, muttering that he is dying.

Given Aconite 200c 4 drops, antiviral 20 drops, Belladonna 1M 4 drops. He was restless and keep pestering the parents to bring him to the hospital, pointing to his jaw, saying that he was about to experienced a lock jaw.

Second dose of Aconite given 5 minutes later. Within few minutes, he was able to communicate clearly, no more carpopedal spasm, breathing properly and starts talking that he was afraid that he was about to die due to COVID 19. He was relating to previous history of his grand father who died due to COVID19 in March this year.


Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety

47 year old PHD examiner presented with extreme anxiety and stress due to workload. Know case of hypertension and usually well controlled. Presented on 17/6/22 with BP of 150/90 and oral stress ulcers and palpitations. He wanted me to increase his BP meds.

I introduced Aconite 4-0-4 and LSD 0-0-10 . He wasn’t happy as homeopathy was new to him but took it reluctantly and left.

On 22/6/22 he messaged me saying that he is feeling better, anxiety reduced and also that his BP reduced.


Crying bouts

Crying bouts in a depressed patient

A lady came in with depressed mood due to her personal problems. She will cry on and off. Even when she was talking to me, she had tears in her eyes. I started her on homeopathy pulsatilla 1m. Within 20 mins no more tears and in next 2 days she was out from her depression. Amazing pulsatilla!


Dementia and hallucinations

Dementia and hallucinations

A 94 yr old lady with dementia suddenly developed hallucinations.

We gave her homeopathy hyoscamus 1m which quickly stopped the hallucinations.
On examination she did not have fungal infections and skin and mouth was clear.
On asking about urination, her daughter complained it was smelly.
Did a culture which found a fully drug resistant klebsiella infection; not sensitive to even meropenem.

Gave her low dose klebsiella nosode, homeopathy lithium carb, low dose resveratrol (blocks quorum sensing), EDTA (removes biofilms).
After 3 days the smell of urine reduced and her ability to pass urine improved.
Surprisingly her years of insomia also got corrected.
Recent urine test shows reduced pus cells and bacterial numbers.

A fantastic connection between a UTI, hallucinations and severe insomia in a 94 yr old patient.



Low dose LSD

I wanted to share my full LSD testimonial

I started taking it 5 days ago. I have obsessive compulsive tendencies that I feel compelled to complete tasks, finish things sometimes to the detriment of the quality. My doctor friend very gently pointed it out that I needed to do something about it. So she opened the insight, even before LSD I had some changes.

As Dr Tariq shared his experience, then I started 10 drops a night. I noticed some mood improvement but nothing clear. I got really clear about what I wanted my subconscious to fix, IBS and OCD.

Then yesterday night, I took 20 drops, this morning it feels as if a huge weight has been lifted and I can really move forward with my work.

Try it!!





A patient contacted me 5 days ago, her issue was a rising blood glucose level. She has anxiety issues since 20 yrs after her father died. She was on tricylic antidepressants and an SSRI, beta blocker to reduce palpitations and a statin to reduce cardiac risk. Her LDL was never high. Despite the drugs she was always on edge, anxious all the time.
Tricyclic antidepressants are know to increase glucose levels so are the beta blockers and statins.
Gave her homeopathy Ignatia for grief and sepia to balance out serotonin.
In 5 days she has gone off the beta blocker and antidepressant and statin, no anxiety left anymore. She can sleep camly and her blood glucose also came normal.

The drugs were not important here, the diagnostic thinking was.




A patient with chronic alcoholism came with very high BP and diabetes. Triglycerides were very high at above 500.

He would frequently talk about old traumas and felt like murdering the people who harmed him. He would also suppress emotions and hold everything and finally would blast out. He had a poor attention span and he said his mind could not focus.

He was given homeopathy Phosphorus 1M (revenge seeking), staphysagria 1M (holding in emotions), Lobelia 10M (ADHD and alcoholism).

Within a week he was able to stop alcohol, which he had not done in 30 yrs and also was emotionally stable.

After the lobelia an old staph infection which was treated about 5 years ago flared up. I am now treating with low dose cortisol (low dose to remove immunosuppression), low dose hydrogen peroxide (catalse ability of staph is knocked off by it), staph 1m, belladonna+hepar sul+gunpowder and low dose akkermensia. He is responding well to this and skin is slowly healing.

Note :

This case shows how taking case history and etiology of alcohol drinking was extremely important to fix alcoholism.
He was given nux vomica by several homeopaths since the last 30 yrs but it didnt work because he was not a type A personality and had no features of nux vomica that matched him.

The lobelia 10m dramatically stopped the drinking within just one dose as it fixed the dopamine receptors.

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