Another autism case with aggresiveness behaviour

The patient was morbidly obese with high glucose, aged only 8 years. He used to constanly clap very loudly, within 15 min of seeing him my ears started ringing with his incessant clapping. He was put in restraints also to stop but the clapping did’nt stop since he broke the restraints. This was very weird

On asking about what he liked and his peculiar behaviours the mother said he drinks a lot of water constantly, fights with the other kids and beats and bites them. He was also very creative and would make lovely figures with clay.

The excess thirst pointed to bryonia more than nat mur (nat mur kids arent aggressive, if vasopressin receptors are knocked off in rats, then the rats start biting and fighting each other).

Autism kids have left brain atrophy and some have excess right brain compensation which makes them creative. The excess right brain causes extreme impulsive behaviour with inability to control emotions. The clapping was because he was watching a cartoon on the mobile, if he would stop watching he would also stop clapping but then start biting and hence he was always with a mobile. The drug for the extreme right brain activity is podophyllum.

I gave him bryonia and podophyllum; after a week all clapping and biting has stopped