Case of itching at night

An old patient came with complaint that at night sharp itching points come up and wake him up from sleep. He described the itching as like something was pinching from inside.
He would put AC on to help, it just helped a bit. Problem was since 3 years. He also had a cough at night.

Gave him tablet levamisole and homeopathy sulphur.
He took levamisole first which worsened the itch on the first day but on the next day he took sulphur which helped him. After 2 days he took levamisole again which helped him further. After a week he is 80 percent better and is healing well.

Note :

  • His CBC and IgE were normal, no¬†antihistaminics worked in the past. All the best allergy specialists had given up on him.
  • Levamisole was given because of the weird night dry cough, no reflux was there, so could not be explained by acid reflux.

  • Sulphur because he was better on cold; apis was ruled out since the issue was chronic and not acute.