Case of Hemorrhoids

A 50+ years old long term patient of mine with PR bleeding due to hemorrhoids on and off due to diet. It was mainly after alcohol and wheat intake like yellow noodles and pasta.

Few months ago he bled a lot and his hemoglobin dropped to 7.5. Did not want to go for further tests or colonoscopy. I used no grains except a bit of rice diet, no more alcohol and gave homeopathy aesculus hippocastanum 200c 1 or 2x daily.
He didn’t adhere to the diet much, just cut down on wheat but alcohol intake was still there.
His bleeding stopped within 24 hours. And now 2 months later his Hb is 12.5mg. He only took the homeopathic drop once every few days.


Throat irritation

Case of throat irritation

Had a case yesterday with need of constant clearing of throat since many years.

She also had diabetes, BP, thyroid issues but her urgent complaint was this constant throat irritation.
Her ENT had told her its silent reflux. She was on antacids since many years and she said that if she does not take the antaacid the throat feels better but then her stomach burns.

H2 antagonists end up increasing gastrin which increases stomach motility.
Gave her homeopathy bismuth which is the cure for overuse of antaacids.
In 10 minutes the throat irritation stopped, today morning also it was gone and now even without anta acid she was fine with no stomach burning.


Constipation, insomnia, dry skin

Case of dry flakes on scalp, constipation and insomia

A couple had insomia with hard stools and dry skin. They used to frequently wake up in the night.
Gave ricinus to both, after 3 days their sleep and stools have both corrected completely. The dry flakes on the scalp of both patients also resolved completely.

Note : Castor oil is used as an antifungal/antibacterial especially when stools are dry and hard since castor increases gut mucus and contractality. It works on sleep too and treats insomia. When the triad of constipation, insomia and dry skin is there always use ricinus.


Urge to pass urine and stools

Frequent urge to pass urine and stols

A patient came with frequent urge to pass urine and said that the urge is constantly there but always the urine doesn’t come out.

There was no burning or pain; so initially I gave arrowroot powder which helped only in increasing urine output but the urge was still there.

So took further history and she said that she is also having constant urge to poop as well and she is passing stools due to which she feels anal burning and her stomach feels very hard but not bloated. I gave her thuja and nux vomica; issue resolved with 2 doses only.


Non bleeding Piles

Case of non bleeding piles

A 34 year old female patient complained pain, discomfort and swelling in the anal area due to non bleeding piles.

She could not tolerate spicy food so gave her Thuja 1 m. She got 90% relief in 3-4 days.



Chronic constipation

A case of chronic constipation since childhood

The patient is 24 yrs old female, she would pass stools once a week that also only after taking very high doses of laxatives. All her colonoscopy and endoscopy reports were normal.

I started her on deworming, gut cleanse, sanicula, VIP after which she started having bowels 3-4 times a week.

Then one day she told me casually that she gets headache because of her constipation. I asked her if she was formula fed to which she said yes. I added lac defloratum 1m and also gave Nat mur. Her constipation issue is resolved, passes stool daily now.


Gluten allergy

Gluten allergy

A 50 plus year old man suffered with gluten allergy for many years. He used to burp very frequently and complained of stomah discomfort. We started him on tritichum 200c 4-4-4. In just few days no more burp or stomach discomfort. He can eat any food now without any problem.


Constipation in toddler

Severe costipation in a toddler

A case of severe constipation in a 2 year old child. She would cry a lot while passing stool. She was given nux vomica by another homeopathic doctor which helped her a little bit but later had no effect.

When I saw her I asked whether she was fed formula milk to which the mother said yes. We gave her lac defloratum 1m 2 drops once a day. The next day itself the child passed stools 3-4 times without crying and after a long time slept for 3 hours at a stretch. She now passes stool daily without crying.

The only complain is now that her stool is still very dry and there is lot of thirst (which was always there) to which the mother says that she needs to hide her water bottle sometimes. She is a very amicable child. So will be adding Nat mur.



Case of skin urticaria.

Patient had skin urticaria since a month, allegra was taken every day for it.

CBC showed a high WBC and a high basophil count. No IGE elevation, no eosinophil elevation. Case history was that patient said it started after taking birthcontrol pills given to regularize her periods, she also said she was gaining weight. All these issues of various types started after covid. The rash was peculiar in that it started after having bath, based on this I asked if she got hot flashes and she said yes, she gets terrible hot flashes. She had acanthosis on the neck and some skin tags showing high insulin resistance. She was also constipated.

I put her on nat sul (for high WBC), lachesis (hot water aggravation, hot flashes at night), akkermensia+leptin resistance, curzinc (for constipation) and Imusil.

After a single dose today morning she had complete clearance of rash and no hot flashes at all, her constipation also cleared.


Acute pancreatitis

Case of acute pancreatitis in a case with a hisotry of gall stones.

A patient had large obstructive gall stones -13mm in size. She had history of abdominal pain. Went to village and got food poisoning, had severe diarrhea.

Gave her ars+ipecac; the diarrhea stopped but she got right hypochondriac pain moving to back. She was vomiting. Checked lipase and amylase – both were 3600 plus. Asked to admit but the services in the village were not adequate, so she started by gall bladder combo. Within half an hr she stopped vomiting, mild abdominal pains continued. We gave the dose every 2 hourly.

After 2 days rechecked amylase and lipase and found it had dropped to normal, the bilirubin had also become normal. A drop is liver enzymes was also there. She still had some pain on movement with increased thirst; gave a dose of bryonia which completely cleared the pain.

This was a good case of acute pancreatitis mamagment.

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