Anger and crying bouts

Anger and crying bouts

A female pt aged 39 was having bursts of anger and crying bouts for no apparent reason. Told me she felt better when she exercised. I gave her sepia 1m which made her feel little better.

On further taking history said that she could never get pregnant because of her endometriosis and in the past also she had taken meds for depression. I added Ignatia 1m once a week and Nat mur 200c daily. Her anger and crying bouts stopped, husband is relieved.

Note : Several women have anger bursts and sudden crying – sepia,ignatia and natmur are the mainstay of all such cases



Aconite in baby

Aconite in baby post COVID

A 4 month old baby had covid a few weeks ago, I treated her with antivirals and gelsemium (cough worse lying down), she recovered in 2 days.
Post covid she developed anxiety, was always crying and wanted to be held, developed a red large boil on forehead. I first gave chamomille but it didnt help, after 3 days of chamo I gave aconite. The same day she slept well, the next day the red boil on forehead also went away.
Perhaps covid is not just creating anxiety due to psychological fear but some other physiological pathway too, the baby was fine during covid and responded very fast to treatment, had no suffering at all, also the boil on forehead was a weird condition.
It was shown to a pediatrician, the doc said he mustve bumped her head and hence the anxiety, however no such bumping had happened.


Acute panic attack

Sharing a case of Aconite for Acute Panic Attack.

A 22 year old male college student drove home in a panic state as he developed high grade fever in the college. Few of the dorm mates were down with COVID 19 infection and went home for quarantine.

As he approached the parking lot, he called upon his mother telling her that he was about to faint. He was in anguished state, red faced, breathless and body was hot upon touching and the parents had to dragged him to his room.

Upon taking the blood pressure using sphygnometer, patient suddenly developed carpo pedal spasm, unable to talk and was whispering to take him to hospital, muttering that he is dying.

Given Aconite 200c 4 drops, antiviral 20 drops, Belladonna 1M 4 drops. He was restless and keep pestering the parents to bring him to the hospital, pointing to his jaw, saying that he was about to experienced a lock jaw.

Second dose of Aconite given 5 minutes later. Within few minutes, he was able to communicate clearly, no more carpopedal spasm, breathing properly and starts talking that he was afraid that he was about to die due to COVID 19. He was relating to previous history of his grand father who died due to COVID19 in March this year.


Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety

47 year old PHD examiner presented with extreme anxiety and stress due to workload. Know case of hypertension and usually well controlled. Presented on 17/6/22 with BP of 150/90 and oral stress ulcers and palpitations. He wanted me to increase his BP meds.

I introduced Aconite 4-0-4 and LSD 0-0-10 . He wasn’t happy as homeopathy was new to him but took it reluctantly and left.

On 22/6/22 he messaged me saying that he is feeling better, anxiety reduced and also that his BP reduced.


Insomnia and poor erections

Case of insomia and poor erections

A patient with previous history of heart attacks came with complaints of waking up at 3AM in the night and having poor erections.
On checking his heart ultrasound I found that he had mitral valve regurgitation with pulmonary hypertension. No abdominal ascites, no liver enlargement was there.
This called for homeopathy naja and causticum. Both were given at 200c potency.
Next day his sleep became normal.
Erections improved and became normal in subsequent few days.
He will continue these 2 for life since a lot of cardiac damage needs reversal.




A case of LSD in RA

A patient of mine had been given LSD for sleep, she is also a therapist and suffered from RA. She was under lot of distress probably due to pain. So she was given low dose LSD. After 3 weeks the she has no more pain at all from RA !!!


Nat mur

Nat Mur

I have a 25 year old girl with history of insomnia, hair loss, anxiety, depression, head aches, cries easily and prefers to be alone. She is chilly and prefers warm and not thirsty, has asthma to dust and cats. History of being apart from father (he has Alzheimers dementia) and he being trapped by his first family, she’s from the second.

So I started her on homeopathy nat mur 4 drops a day, and I added low dose progesterone 20 drops BD. As she has features of PCOS as well — hairy over the body, yet hair loss, irregular periods, oily skin with acne on the forehead. After a week she’s reviewed her anxiety and depression and panic attack has improved a lot, she stil can cry at times and her claustrophobia still there (feels trapped in a lift).

However the only thing is now her BP dropped too much. Normally she’s 120/80 but now she’s 80-90/70. Dr Tariq informed that nat mur is reducing the cortisol, so addition of adrenalinum will support her BP.




Had a patient who complained of perpetual migraine. Sometimes attacks would last for days altogether. And was suffering from it since many years. Gave homeopathy Nat mur and belladonna together now 9 days pain free. Thank you Dr Tariq for invaluable teaching.

Nat mur was indicated as he also has a lot of stress issues and ACTH was quite high.



Low dose LSD

I wanted to share my full LSD testimonial

I started taking it 5 days ago. I have obsessive compulsive tendencies that I feel compelled to complete tasks, finish things sometimes to the detriment of the quality. My doctor friend very gently pointed it out that I needed to do something about it. So she opened the insight, even before LSD I had some changes.

As Dr Tariq shared his experience, then I started 10 drops a night. I noticed some mood improvement but nothing clear. I got really clear about what I wanted my subconscious to fix, IBS and OCD.

Then yesterday night, I took 20 drops, this morning it feels as if a huge weight has been lifted and I can really move forward with my work.

Try it!!



Sleep issues

Sleep issues

31yrs female patinet c/o lack of sleep after her husband started night duty at office. H/o waking up with slightest sound. Gave her Ignatia 200c from 4 days and her sleep quality has improved. She does not wake up at all in the night.

Note : To help shift workers who can’t sleep well during daytime you can use homeopathy Cocculus


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