Aconite in baby post COVID

A 4 month old baby had covid a few weeks ago, I treated her with antivirals and gelsemium (cough worse lying down), she recovered in 2 days.
Post covid she developed anxiety, was always crying and wanted to be held, developed a red large boil on forehead. I first gave chamomille but it didnt help, after 3 days of chamo I gave aconite. The same day she slept well, the next day the red boil on forehead also went away.
Perhaps covid is not just creating anxiety due to psychological fear but some other physiological pathway too, the baby was fine during covid and responded very fast to treatment, had no suffering at all, also the boil on forehead was a weird condition.
It was shown to a pediatrician, the doc said he mustve bumped her head and hence the anxiety, however no such bumping had happened.