Nat Mur

I have a 25 year old girl with history of insomnia, hair loss, anxiety, depression, head aches, cries easily and prefers to be alone. She is chilly and prefers warm and not thirsty, has asthma to dust and cats. History of being apart from father (he has Alzheimers dementia) and he being trapped by his first family, she’s from the second.

So I started her on homeopathy nat mur 4 drops a day, and I added low dose progesterone 20 drops BD. As she has features of PCOS as well — hairy over the body, yet hair loss, irregular periods, oily skin with acne on the forehead. After a week she’s reviewed her anxiety and depression and panic attack has improved a lot, she stil can cry at times and her claustrophobia still there (feels trapped in a lift).

However the only thing is now her BP dropped too much. Normally she’s 120/80 but now she’s 80-90/70. Dr Tariq informed that nat mur is reducing the cortisol, so addition of adrenalinum will support her BP.