Sharing a case of Aconite for Acute Panic Attack.

A 22 year old male college student drove home in a panic state as he developed high grade fever in the college. Few of the dorm mates were down with COVID 19 infection and went home for quarantine.

As he approached the parking lot, he called upon his mother telling her that he was about to faint. He was in anguished state, red faced, breathless and body was hot upon touching and the parents had to dragged him to his room.

Upon taking the blood pressure using sphygnometer, patient suddenly developed carpo pedal spasm, unable to talk and was whispering to take him to hospital, muttering that he is dying.

Given Aconite 200c 4 drops, antiviral 20 drops, Belladonna 1M 4 drops. He was restless and keep pestering the parents to bring him to the hospital, pointing to his jaw, saying that he was about to experienced a lock jaw.

Second dose of Aconite given 5 minutes later. Within few minutes, he was able to communicate clearly, no more carpopedal spasm, breathing properly and starts talking that he was afraid that he was about to die due to COVID 19. He was relating to previous history of his grand father who died due to COVID19 in March this year.