Dementia and hallucinations

A 94 yr old lady with dementia suddenly developed hallucinations.

We gave her homeopathy hyoscamus 1m which quickly stopped the hallucinations.
On examination she did not have fungal infections and skin and mouth was clear.
On asking about urination, her daughter complained it was smelly.
Did a culture which found a fully drug resistant klebsiella infection; not sensitive to even meropenem.

Gave her low dose klebsiella nosode, homeopathy lithium carb, low dose resveratrol (blocks quorum sensing), EDTA (removes biofilms).
After 3 days the smell of urine reduced and her ability to pass urine improved.
Surprisingly her years of insomia also got corrected.
Recent urine test shows reduced pus cells and bacterial numbers.

A fantastic connection between a UTI, hallucinations and severe insomia in a 94 yr old patient.