A patient with chronic alcoholism came with very high BP and diabetes. Triglycerides were very high at above 500.

He would frequently talk about old traumas and felt like murdering the people who harmed him. He would also suppress emotions and hold everything and finally would blast out. He had a poor attention span and he said his mind could not focus.

He was given homeopathy Phosphorus 1M (revenge seeking), staphysagria 1M (holding in emotions), Lobelia 10M (ADHD and alcoholism).

Within a week he was able to stop alcohol, which he had not done in 30 yrs and also was emotionally stable.

After the lobelia an old staph infection which was treated about 5 years ago flared up. I am now treating with low dose cortisol (low dose to remove immunosuppression), low dose hydrogen peroxide (catalse ability of staph is knocked off by it), staph 1m, belladonna+hepar sul+gunpowder and low dose akkermensia. He is responding well to this and skin is slowly healing.

Note :

This case shows how taking case history and etiology of alcohol drinking was extremely important to fix alcoholism.
He was given nux vomica by several homeopaths since the last 30 yrs but it didnt work because he was not a type A personality and had no features of nux vomica that matched him.

The lobelia 10m dramatically stopped the drinking within just one dose as it fixed the dopamine receptors.