Nail fungal infection

Big toe fungal infection

The big toe fungal infection did not show much improvement with topical application of loceryl.

Dr Tariq advised to use the oral cytokine antifungal combo and oral cytokine IL7.

In less than 3 days the pain went away. The fungal infection also resolved and the big toe nail improved. The ingorwn nail healed up finally and was no longer brittle and chipped.



Scalp fungal infection

Scalp fungal infection

My 101 year old granny had a fungal infection on her scalp, very itchy. We gave her sepia and the antifungal combo. The fungal infection went away but she got very drowsy with insomia at night. We stopped both sepia and antifungal after a week, the scalp had healed by then but the drowsiness continued. She also started to get hallucinations which hyoscamus could not treat. For the night insomia my aunt who is an ENT gave her some diazepam which made her very drowsy throughtout the day, it also stopped her hearing. She could not hear or see anything after the diazepam dose so after 3 days we stopped it.

We then gave her ignatia 1m. After the first 2 drops dose she started hearing and seeing enough to watch a movie, the effect lasted for 2 hrs. We dosed her again and this time effect lasted for a long time, she became aware of her surrounding and could hear and see. She also slept well in the night.

Chose ignatia because strychnine causes the sudden breakdown of muscles and bones and body tissues. Since she is so old the tissue degeneration is rapidly progressing, ignatia has paused it a bit. The infection mustve triggered oxidation and increased breakdown. I can only hope ignatia given to her daily stops the rapidity of her degeneration and gives her better quality of life.



Diabetic patient with oral candidiasis

Diabetic patient with oral candidiasis

An elderly diabetic female patient presented with oral candidiasis. Past treatment of itraconazole, fluconazole, voriconazole did not resolve the infection. 

New treatment regimen included a full deworming course of the patient along with oral anti fungal combo drops. The deworming course included albendazole, nitazoxanide, ivermectin and praziquantel in a sequential manner. After 15 days of treatment the lesion cleared up completely.


Rationale : 

The deworming course made sure that her gut health is restored.

The oral antifungal drops is a proprietary formulation which includes a combination of homeopathic remedies, cytokines like GDNF, IL 9, Trichostatin, beta glucan and herbal extracts known for their strong fungicidal and fungistatic properties.

Targeting both helminths and fungal infection together was required to resolve the infection.