Fungal infection

38 years old lady came in with complaints of fungal infection, rash with itchiness.

She gave history that about 5 years ago her husband has this fungal and rash problem and she thinks she got it from her husband. She went many clinics & specialist medication but no improvement at all.

She came complaining of fungal infection on her buttock, private part & other body parts where it itches. It appears to have many follicles in her body; where she can squeeze it out the follicle. It look like vesicular infection.
She use to scratch on itchy part more and more, sometimes until it bleeds only feel comfortable.
No itchiness inside her private part but always has thick leucorrhea, sometime white, greenish, sometime has pieces of the greenish.

Her other modalities were :

  • difficult to sweat even in hot weather
  • constipation with dry and hard stools (she has been taking dulcolax or enema)

  • She feel her mouth dry but don’t like to drink water.
  • her appetite is good but she does not put on weight.
  • She doesn’t like cold weather.
  • Her itchiness happen all day, sleep is disturbed, sometime awaken from sleep due to itchiness.

She was on the following medications :

  • IV fluconazole weekly, IV Flagyl
  • Infusion normal saline, MVT, Vitamins C add piriton reduce itchiness.
  • T greasoflavin 500mg daily, T diflucon weekly -4 weeks, T zentel 2 weekly 4 weeks, T piriton at night Prn, T loratadine one BD

She still had not seen much improvement and came to see me.
I started her on low dose Anti fungal combo, Cruzinc and homeopathic Nat mur, Apis 4-4-4, Sulphur 4-0-4
After she started with these she was able to sweat but now the itchiness worsened with sweat. The difference is now she can withstand coldness now.

Blood test done – Igg & Ige normal, TWBC high

Dr Tariq advised to add in Morgan Bach 5-5-5, Sepia 200c 4-4-4, Riccinus, bismuth and Nat sul 200c
And he asked to stop low dose anti fungal combo.

Slowly her itching reduced and her fungal infection is also reducing slowly for her. She feel very happy. Thank you Dr Tariq

Note :

  • Antifungal was stopped bec the IL 9 was aggravating the allergy.
  • Sepia was used due to leucorrhea.
  • Riccinus and bismuth to stop acidity and improve her digestion.
  • Nat sul since TWBC was high.
  • Morgan bach since we could not use antifungal combo.
  • Apis was not required here since patient was not a hot patient and apis is not required in allergic fungal infections.
  • In fungal infections homeopathy tellurium is also very useful.