Homeopathy Sepia in chronic stress

A) one 52 year old lady with chronic stress and fibromyalgia; on letrazole for breast CA and in remission post chemo. She complained of sensitivity to cold wind and generalized aches and pains. I gave her homeopathy Sepia 200c 4 drops daily and in 3 days she is all better came in smiling. Told her to continue it.

B) The other case is of a guy with hearing loss. After homeopathy nux vomica and deworming course his hearing improved a lot. But he still heard echoes in the ears. This guy is a recent divorcee with chronic stress frm work related issues as well.

So I tried homeopathy Sepia 200c on him 4 drops BD and after a week there is more improvement in his hearing and he isn’t tired all the time anymore. He went outstation yesterday and yet when he returned he had energy to go for a walk without fatigue.

Rationale : sepia is the ultimate serotonin regulator and hence helped these 2 patients with chronic stresss.