An interesting cases of autism and ADHD.

An autistic child came with aggression and hyperactivity. On taking history the mom said that he does not sleep at night and frequently wakes up. On the day he does sleep his ADHD improves, tantrums stops.
He was given ritalin before but gained too much weight and it was hence stopped, it did’nt do any good for him too after 3 mnths.

Gave him opium 200c. 4_0_0 once a day, after 3 days his mom says that he sleeps well, and he is able to go to his speech therapy classes (before he could not sit in one place and hence was’nt able to go), all tantrums have stopped..

Note : Opium made from poppy seeds is often abused and causes euphoric manic states with dyphoria. ItĀ also induces a deep awake sleep where the person isn’t asleep and is in a zombie state.

When the autism cases are better after sleeping and usually have insomia with a state of extreme hyperactivity with screaming and euphoria it is opium that rectifies.