Case of deep asbcess – patient was scheduled for amputation

A 48 year old teacher, known case of uncontrolled Type 2 diabetes mellitus with posterior tibial deep subcutaneous abscess. She was scheduled for right below knee amputation (BKA).
She refused for BKA and came to our clinic. She was not able to walk and her right calf was very red and sensitive to touch.
We started her on arnica, sulphur, gun powder, nat sul, lycopodium, imusil, and low dose akkermansia.
Calendula, ferrum phos, ferrum met and crotalus 1m were also added.
We have been doing daily dressing with saline add with gun powder since 28 March 2022 and since last week (25 Apr 2022) she was able to walk again.

We managed to save her Rt leg from BKA !!! Thank you so much Dr Tariq for all the knowlege shared.

Not only that we managed to stop her insulin injections and her blood sugar was in very good control. Akkermansia and imusil proven to be very good to diabetic patients. Controlled glucose and then used crotalus which is the main med for hiradenitis and deep tissue abcesses.