Recently diagnosed diabetes patient

I want to share a success story with a diabetic patient.
48 yrs old Indonesian, history of increased urinary frequency since 2 months. Not known to have diabetes – it was last checked 1 yr ago.
Current BMI 32.4kg/m2, FBS 12.8mmol/l, Hba1c 7.8% and serum insulin 26

Started him on controlled diet control, reduced refined carbs and all sugar. He continued to eat rice as he works in the construction site. We also stopped gluten.
He was already working hard at work but I advised him to start on squats .

For treatment I only gave him Akkermansia and Imusil. Patient did not want any oral hypoglycaemics.

After 3 months his Hba1c is 5.8%, FBS 6.0 and weight reduced by 8kgs.


Non healing diabetic wound

Case of non healing diabetic wound where Curzinc sped up the healing process

A 57 years old lady come to my clinic for non healing wound for over one month. She is a case of diabetes mellitus and was treated in the DH with injection insulin and oral Metformin. Her blood sugar is said to be well controlled.

On examination, she is obese with huge thighs. A wound size 2 cm is at the medial of left thigh, 3 cm below the inguinal ligament. The wound is very deep, half of the artery forceps can go in and there was greenish yellow pus discharge.

A wide extension of wound was done under LA. Desloughing was done. She was put on silicea, gun powder, myristica and fucidin and hyal dressing. The wound not only make no improvement but progressively extended laterally. Repeated wider excision have to make to cope up the speed of wound extension and rapid closure of wound opening.

After one month, I changed the medications to cefuroxime and noflux, the pus become lesser for a few days and wound become fulminating again. I asked the patient to go to the hospital as no progress was done by me. She refused and said she will rather die if I sent her to hospital.

I then did a random blood sugar on her, it was 4.6. Repeated RBS 2 days later was 4.5. So I suspected the GLUT 4 may not be functioning in such low sugar.
Earlier I had done a case of Diabetes mellitus with pseudoparaplegia on wheelchair. I gave her Ruta 1 m 4-4-4. On follow up 1.5 months later, she can stand up from wheelchair and do her daily activities. This was because in DM with the lack of insulin, glucose cannot enter the cells, but GLUT 4 can enable glucose to enter the cell by facilitated diffussion against glucose gradient, provided the blood glucose is not too low. Ruta can increased GLUT 4 to overcome the insulin deficiency to obtain glucose to enter the cells. In the lack of glucose for energy, the adipose cell, skeletal, cardiac cells will undergo artrophy and die.

So I put this patient on Ruta 1m 4-4-4 and staphysagria, calendula. In the meanwhile I decreasde her insulin by 2 units and advised her to take more fruits to increase her blood sugar and Vit C. I also did a real wide extension of wound to 3 cm beyond the necrotic wound edge. On daily dressing, I can see the wound finally make a slow recovery with less pus and less invasive extension of wound size.

Later I received the Curzinc for my BPH patient. This reminded me that zinc is very good for wound healing. Curcumin can facilitate the diffusion of zinc to the cells and is a powerful antioxidant, so I also add curzinc 20-0-20 for her. Only 3 days later, I can see the wound turned pink and become lively, granulating, cleaner and become shallow. The patient can also can feel the contraction of the wound.
This morning, I do a secondary suturing for her to speed up the healing and prevent gaping wound healing by extensive scarring.

Note :

  • Ruta can be extensively used in diabetic patients with muscle wasting.
  • In wounds with pus its hepar sul, calendula, gunpowder.
  • Hepar is very useful when there is pus.
  • Sillicea is when there is thin clear discharge
  • For wound healing arnica,calendula is very useful so it doesnt scar

Note :

  • Ruta can be extensively used in diabetic patients with muscle wasting.
  • In wounds with pus its hepar sul, calendula, gunpowder.
  • Hepar is very useful when there is pus.
  • Sillicea is when there is thin clear discharge
  • For wound healing arnica,calendula is very useful so it doesnt scar



Diabetes in smoker

Diabetes in smoker

46 year old diabetic who has had an average HbA1C between 11 and 14 for the past 3 years under a physicians follow up. He is a chronic smoker as he is a long distance lorry driver. He was previous on s/ c insulin mixtard 20 IU at night janumet 50/ 1000mg bd and diamicron 160mg daily.

Stopped the janumet as he was having serious GERD issues despite being very thin. Stopped the insulin.

Added a SGLT2 inhibitor and kept with the diamicron. Added imusil 1 bd and dorza 20 drops bd and akkermansia 10 drops bd. The sugar levels have been gradually coming down and after 5 months for the first time hba1c is 6.4 and post prandial glucose is less than 8.

We also added cal phos and bryonia bd as he was constantly thirsty and had bad bone pain. All his symptoms has resolved including his insomnia. He smokes lesser these days and feels more alert.

He is also on a mix of alpha lipoc acid with vit b12.

Note : add alumina for smokers – they tend to have aluminium overload, considering the low calcium aluminium toxicity will be high.


Subcutaneous abscess

Case of deep asbcess – patient was scheduled for amputation

A 48 year old teacher, known case of uncontrolled Type 2 diabetes mellitus with posterior tibial deep subcutaneous abscess. She was scheduled for right below knee amputation (BKA).
She refused for BKA and came to our clinic. She was not able to walk and her right calf was very red and sensitive to touch.
We started her on arnica, sulphur, gun powder, nat sul, lycopodium, imusil, and low dose akkermansia.
Calendula, ferrum phos, ferrum met and crotalus 1m were also added.
We have been doing daily dressing with saline add with gun powder since 28 March 2022 and since last week (25 Apr 2022) she was able to walk again.

We managed to save her Rt leg from BKA !!! Thank you so much Dr Tariq for all the knowlege shared.

Not only that we managed to stop her insulin injections and her blood sugar was in very good control. Akkermansia and imusil proven to be very good to diabetic patients. Controlled glucose and then used crotalus which is the main med for hiradenitis and deep tissue abcesses. 


Post COVID diabetes

Case of post covid diabetes

A 30 yr old obese male patient had covid last year; he was put on steroids and developed diabetes. He was on 2 gm of metformin. He had fatigue and poor exercise tolerance, glucose fluctuations were present.

He was started on Imusil tablet last month. And after 30 days his fasting blood glucose is 90 and PP is 150 and is off metformin. Fatigue is gone and has lost 2 kg of fat, his stomach has gone in.

Fatigue was due to oxidative stress and diabetes and hence Imusil worked wonders in this patient.



Leptin resistance

Leptin resistance

Simple sharing..

I’ve been insulin resistant since at least from the age of 42. I’m now 58yrs and have had to monitor my diet like a hawk. Even with one meal a day my morning sugar hovers around 6.8 to 6.5…dropping to 4.8 around 3pm.

I started on low dose catalase, leptin resistance and homeopathy ferrum phos drops one dose in the evening. Other night someone gave a nice cake with sugar icing and I ate 2 pieces. Next morning I took another dose of the above drops and went to work. My sugar at around 9am (which usually is 6.8) was 4.8. Just with 2 doses. And 2 slices of sugar rich cake the night before. Thank you Dr.T!!!!


Diabetes dermatitis

Diabetes dermatitis

Diabetic dermatits case – skin peeling off.
Started on Ars alb, insulinum, lycopodium.

Complete healing in a month.





A diabetic female patient came about 3 months ago with fasting glucose of 250 and PP glucose of 400.
She was on sulphonylureas, poiglit, metformin, empaglioflozin, lyrica and yet her blood glucose was nowhere in control. We started her on imusil 2_0_2.

Since last 15 days she is off the allopathic anti diabetic medicines because she had a viral infection and she had no one to restock them. She was only on imusil. 
Her fasting glucose yesterday was 125 and PP glucose was 158. Her diabetologist has now changed her medications to just 500 mg metformin once a day.



Chronic kidney disease

Patient with diabetes and CKD was out on oral tab Imusil and oral cytokine Klotho.

After about 2 months his CKD got cleared up.


Venous ulcer

Venous ulcer

A 72 year old diabetic lady came with the chief complaint of grade 4 varicose veins. Despite the treatment of antibiotics and topical ointment the cellulitis was spreading. 

Homeopathic remedies lycopodium 200c and pulsatilla 200c was given daily. One dose of belladonna 200c was also given. 

After 8 days the ulcer had completely healed, varicose veins visibly shrunken not dilated anymore and cellulitis completely resolved.