Recently diagnosed diabetes patient

I want to share a success story with a diabetic patient.
48 yrs old Indonesian, history of increased urinary frequency since 2 months. Not known to have diabetes – it was last checked 1 yr ago.
Current BMI 32.4kg/m2, FBS 12.8mmol/l, Hba1c 7.8% and serum insulin 26

Started him on controlled diet control, reduced refined carbs and all sugar. He continued to eat rice as he works in the construction site. We also stopped gluten.
He was already working hard at work but I advised him to start on squats .

For treatment I only gave him Akkermansia and Imusil. Patient did not want any oral hypoglycaemics.

After 3 months his Hba1c is 5.8%, FBS 6.0 and weight reduced by 8kgs.