Case of parvovirus b19

A small child came with bright red cheeks, he had itchy rash on the body too with fever. He also had impetigo, old mosquito bite on legs had turned hyperpigmented and were itchy.
Looked like a case of slapped cheek syndrome, with impetigo and post insect bite inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

For the PIH I gave homeopathy apis+ledum pal.
For the impetigo gave pulsatilla and gunpowder. Hydrastis could have also been given but I did not. I gave pulsatilla because the area was bright red.
For the slapped cheek syndrome due to Parvoviros b19 gave sang can.

After 3 days all conditions improved very well. In fact within a few hours the child became stable in terms of the cheek flushing and itching.