Immunosuppression in Dengue –¬†Dengue with low WBC and platelet count

A patient came with symptoms of diarrhea, abdominal pain with fever. CBC showed low WBC and platelet count. Patient tested positive for dengue infection. Started patient on homeopathy Nat mur, Oral cytokine platelet combo and Antiviral combo. After a day she improved symptomatically but repeat CBC showed a further drop in WBC and platelet count. We continued the meds. On second day she improved more symptomatically but the CBC showed worsening with the WBC at just 1300. Further history was taken and then the patient informed that she was also taking oral ciprofloxacin prescribed by another doctor. Ciprofloxacin is known to cause bone marrow suppression. It was stopped and the next day WBC went to 3800 and platelets became normal. Patient started showing further improvement.

A simple course of ciprofloxacin caused such profound immunosuppression in a dengue case!