Post vaccination arthritis

A case of post vax arthritis.

A patient with previous history of HIV (was on drugs for HIV) came with joint pains. Pains were in his fingers and knees. Pain started last year post the covid vax. He was also on HCQ and methotrexate.
Methotrexate had damaged his liver, his GGT and ALP were 5 times their normal levels.
He said the pains were worse on eating sour foods.
Gave him crotalus horridus 10m (intense acute pains), as he sat in my chair the pains reduced by 50 percent. Within 2 days all the pains have gone.

Treating his liver now with berberis+cardus and phoscoliv with curzinc. He also has BPH and hence curzinc will be useful there too

Note : For drug induced liver toxicity these 4 are very effective – berberis, cardus, phoscoliv and curzinc (removes infections). Berberis is useful in liver toxicity, cardus stops toxins from entering hepatocytes by blocking the oat2 receptor in liver.


Corn on feet

Corn on the sole of feet

A doc friend of mine developed a painful corn on foot with cracked heels and peeling skin. The corn was surgically removed but came back.

The history was that this happened after vaccination. I gave carcinosin and low dose Epstein barr which removed the heel cracks and stopped the skin peeling. The corn started to shrink but was still painful.

I called her back to ask if there were any other symptoms. She said for years she has had severe constipation with anal constriction. She has been through various procedures to dilate the anus but it contracts.

She is a very calm person and lycopodium didnt fit. I still tried it but it didnt work.
Lastly i gave her curzinc 2 weeks ago. The constipation and anal constriction cleared away in 5 days and this is todays corn picture below. Complete healing is seen with no remaining pain. She has some lingering anal pain from previous multiple dilation attempts which is slowly healing now

Zinc role in removing various infections from viral to bacterial is well known but pushing it inside the bugs to kill them has been very difficult, with curzinc we can push zinc to places it needs to go. Post vax corn is always ebv, we have treated post vax penile ulcers also with carc and ebv. This case shows the role of zinc in eliminating these bugs and the role of curzinc in healing the gut treating the chronic constipation.



Post Vax gastritis

A case of post covid vaccine gastritis.

A patient came with complaint of acidity, choking sensation in throat and pain in stomach and colon area with gas formation. Issues worsened by evening.

She had taken the covid vax after which the issue got even worse. She was treated with cetrizine, famotidine, rifagut, probiotics. After a month on these she got worse. We stopped these meds and put her on low dose Epstein barr nosode (main med for post vax or covid gastritis), antiviral combo and emetine. After 7 days she reported that all her issues were gone.




Another interesting case of my ex staff nurse’s mum who had a mild CVA post booster of Pfi Vac 3 weeks later. In early March she contracted covid and was left immobile in a wheelchair, depressed and lethargic just drinking milk for sustenance and refused to talk much.

So whilst waiting for blood work I started her on

CMV / EBV / emetine – oral low dose cytokines
Antiviral – oral low dose cytokines
LYCOPODIUM 200 c – as she was hypertensive

I noted that her heart rate was 140 to 150 per min and she was on warfarin. So added bisoprolol 2.5 BD and stopped the atenolol.

She has history of epilepsy for 20 years and was on carbamazepine as well so I added Causticum 200c BD and neurobion.

Her blood work came back and suggested hyperthyroidism with low sodium and chloride. So I added Neocarbimazole and NAT mur 200c BD

In 2 weeks there was some dramatic change. The patient started eating well, conversing with her family and she started to walk. Her occasional seizures also stopped and today she went shopping in a mall and walked all the way! Pulse rate is now 96 / min and BP 120/64 mm Hg.


Post vax injuries

Prevention from vax side effects is better than cure…

My maid’s husband is a chief security guard at a condo. I offered the combo of low dose antiviral combo, homeopathy alumina and sulfur to everyone. But he was the only one who took it because he listened to his wife.

Post vax he got a mild fever last night and was right as rain, dancing in the morning, while the rest of his staff and boss are still down with fever and fatigue. Penny wise, pound foolish… We gave full dose, 20 drops of antiviral BD and 4 drops TDS of sulfur and alumina 1 day before and 3 days after vax.


Post vax CARPA

Case of carpa post vax.

A female patient developed persistant fluid retention after vaccination.
It went down with apis..but just before periods her weight would increase by as much as 3kg in a day.

I thought it was hormonal since estrogen had gone up, gave conium…it helped reduce fluid.
After she got covid the edema came back with full force, her BP dropped to 99/59 mm Hg. Full body edematous.

It looked like a CARPA case so I checked complements. c3 was highish, c5 was high.
This was indicative of a high alternative complement pathway.
Vax mediated factor h deficiency is being seen in a lot of pts which activates complement on host cells.
Used naja..blocks c3 to c5 activation.
Fluid retention slowly went down in an hr.repeated every 2 hourly. Patient is stable after 6 hrs. No more fluid and BP normal.


Post Vax COVID

Post vaccination COVID

A patient who had contracted Covid 3 weeks after receiving his booster shot with Pfi. He has flu and rhinitis with alight desaturation as he presented on day 4. His previous SpO2 always hovered around 95 to 96 as he is a stroke patient. So I started him on antivirals 3hourly, klotho TDS and Senegal BD.

Two days later he repeated his PCR privately as his daughter wanted to take care of him and guess what it came back negative! In 48hrs he turned negative. A day later his saturation strated picking up to 97 and it’s been a week now and SpO2 is now 98 on air.




79 year old with diabetes, hypertension, Ishaemic heart disease with no stents, valvular heart disease MR and previous history of breast cancer 3yrs ago. Her CMV IgG is unrecordably high with some EBV as well. She had 1 episode of angina few months ago (May 2021) which warranted hospitalization, but the cardiologist did not find any stenosed vessel. Hence with a negative angiogram he attributed the angina to hypertension. This subsequently subsided after I started her on low dose antiviral combo and the CMV, Epstein barr nosodes.

In July 2021 she completed her 2nd dose of Sinovac vaccine and within a month her insomnia was back, with anxiety, depression and mood swings. I couldn’t add sepia as her systolic BP was high but it was also labile managed with a calcium channel blocker and beta blocker. She has been on CMV nosode for 4 months now on and off but wasn’t consistent with the low dose antiviral combo.

This evening she came in with left sided chest pain radiating to back of scapula, BP was 160/60, pulse 90, SpO2 96 and very anxious. She was having sleepless night like never before .

Gave her homeopathy Lycopodium 200C 4 drops, Naja 30c 4 drops and amyl nitricum 200c 4 drops and external oxygen at 2 litres.

In about 20 minutes BP came down to 150/70, pulse 90 and oxygen didn’t budge. ECG showed ST elevations in all the inferior leads like the last episode.

So I gave Naja 200c 4 drops, anti IL 1 10 drops, dnase 10 drops and antivirals 20 drops. Repeated BP in 30 min. Patient was calm, BP at 130/70, pulse 84 and SpO2 100.

Patient refused hospital admission as there was no more chest pain. Wrote a referral just in case but she was doing fine at home.

I reckon the CMV reactivation post vaccine had a role to play in the angina, insomnia and mood swings thus far.


Type 1 Herpes

Type 1 herpes

A lady developed type 1 oral herpes 6 weeks post delivery. She was given pfizer covid vaccine during pregnancy.

As we suspected it to be post vaccination/delivery viral flare up sterted her on oral low dose Epstein barr nosode, antiviral combo and homeopathy suphur. After 4 days her lesions reduced drastically. It was continued till complete resolution was achieved.



Supra ventricular tachycardia

One post vaccination case to share

2 weeks after her Pfizer shot, a 45 year old lady with past history of supra ventricular tachycardia (SVT) which had reverted spontaneously 2 years ago, came in with breathlessness and palpitations. She said it was worsening over 3 to 4 days and was not able to even walk a short distance.

Heart rate was 156/min and BP was 130/80 mmHg. ECG showed sinus tachycardia.

I gave her 4 drops of homeopathy ars album 200c. Ten minutes later pulse was 140/min.

I added nebivolol 2.5 mg and half hour later pulse was 136/min. She was still slightly breathless although her Spo2 was 98% on air.

So I decided to try the oral cytokine anti viral combo – 20 drops. After 30 minutes her heart rate decreased to 88/min and she was calm.

Next day I had asked her to come in for a blood screen. She was cheerful and not short of breath anymore. Heart rate at 66/min and BP 120/70 mmHg. I stopped the nebivolol and continued the oral cytokine anti viral combo.

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