Corn on the sole of feet

A doc friend of mine developed a painful corn on foot with cracked heels and peeling skin. The corn was surgically removed but came back.

The history was that this happened after vaccination. I gave carcinosin and low dose Epstein barr which removed the heel cracks and stopped the skin peeling. The corn started to shrink but was still painful.

I called her back to ask if there were any other symptoms. She said for years she has had severe constipation with anal constriction. She has been through various procedures to dilate the anus but it contracts.

She is a very calm person and lycopodium didnt fit. I still tried it but it didnt work.
Lastly i gave her curzinc 2 weeks ago. The constipation and anal constriction cleared away in 5 days and this is todays corn picture below. Complete healing is seen with no remaining pain. She has some lingering anal pain from previous multiple dilation attempts which is slowly healing now

Zinc role in removing various infections from viral to bacterial is well known but pushing it inside the bugs to kill them has been very difficult, with curzinc we can push zinc to places it needs to go. Post vax corn is always ebv, we have treated post vax penile ulcers also with carc and ebv. This case shows the role of zinc in eliminating these bugs and the role of curzinc in healing the gut treating the chronic constipation.