A case of post vax arthritis.

A patient with previous history of HIV (was on drugs for HIV) came with joint pains. Pains were in his fingers and knees. Pain started last year post the covid vax. He was also on HCQ and methotrexate.
Methotrexate had damaged his liver, his GGT and ALP were 5 times their normal levels.
He said the pains were worse on eating sour foods.
Gave him crotalus horridus 10m (intense acute pains), as he sat in my chair the pains reduced by 50 percent. Within 2 days all the pains have gone.

Treating his liver now with berberis+cardus and phoscoliv with curzinc. He also has BPH and hence curzinc will be useful there too

Note : For drug induced liver toxicity these 4 are very effective – berberis, cardus, phoscoliv and curzinc (removes infections). Berberis is useful in liver toxicity, cardus stops toxins from entering hepatocytes by blocking the oat2 receptor in liver.