Post vaccination backpain and joint pain

After 3 days of Sinovac jab I started developing back pain and it was the whole spine. I had very sharp pain below neck which was worse at night and on movement. I also redeveloped some joint pain on my wrist and shoulder and knee hurt too.

Took celebrex but it didn’t help; so I took a dose of Apis 200c 2 drops last night and it worked like magic. Slept well the whole night and my whole back pain is gone. My joints still hurt a bit. My recent blood test showed low chloride with potassium on higer side of normal level. I do have mild edema on and off from leaky gut with puffy eyelids especially in the morning. I took a dose of kali carb 30c 2 drops. It had diuretic like effect. All my joints loosened up a lot and will continue the kali carb till full resolution.