Case of carpa post vax.

A female patient developed persistant fluid retention after vaccination.
It went down with apis..but just before periods her weight would increase by as much as 3kg in a day.

I thought it was hormonal since estrogen had gone up, gave conium…it helped reduce fluid.
After she got covid the edema came back with full force, her BP dropped to 99/59 mm Hg. Full body edematous.

It looked like a CARPA case so I checked complements. c3 was highish, c5 was high.
This was indicative of a high alternative complement pathway.
Vax mediated factor h deficiency is being seen in a lot of pts which activates complement on host cells.
Used naja..blocks c3 to c5 activation.
Fluid retention slowly went down in an hr.repeated every 2 hourly. Patient is stable after 6 hrs. No more fluid and BP normal.

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