Another interesting case of my ex staff nurse’s mum who had a mild CVA post booster of Pfi Vac 3 weeks later. In early March she contracted covid and was left immobile in a wheelchair, depressed and lethargic just drinking milk for sustenance and refused to talk much.

So whilst waiting for blood work I started her on

CMV / EBV / emetine – oral low dose cytokines
Antiviral – oral low dose cytokines
LYCOPODIUM 200 c – as she was hypertensive

I noted that her heart rate was 140 to 150 per min and she was on warfarin. So added bisoprolol 2.5 BD and stopped the atenolol.

She has history of epilepsy for 20 years and was on carbamazepine as well so I added Causticum 200c BD and neurobion.

Her blood work came back and suggested hyperthyroidism with low sodium and chloride. So I added Neocarbimazole and NAT mur 200c BD

In 2 weeks there was some dramatic change. The patient started eating well, conversing with her family and she started to walk. Her occasional seizures also stopped and today she went shopping in a mall and walked all the way! Pulse rate is now 96 / min and BP 120/64 mm Hg.