High SNS

My patient who had been having vertigo, insomnia, high BP, anxiety and lack of confidence. She worried about what people thought of her and didn’t want to hurt peoples’ feelings. Today came back after 1 month.

She was just put on homeopathy lycopodium 4 drops a night for a month. Her BP had stabilized, she no longer has vertigo, she sleeps well, goes golfing and no longer worries what people think of her, I didn’t know that was a feature of lycopodium; I was only targeting the High SNS…hehe…

Incidentally she was on prophylactic low dose antiviral combo and homeopathy sulphur as she wanted to get her vaccine booster. Now all done today, so far no side effects, she used to be such an allergic patient. I have asked her to continue on the antiviral combo and sulphur for another week.