Urticaria and constipation

An 18 month old child was brought with complaint of severe constipation since 5 days. The child was breast fed and was also given porridge meals. Usually children who are breast fed have no bowel issues but this young lad had. History taking revealed that mother had lot of junk food and shellfish before this issue of the child started.  

About 6 months back same child was treated for generalized urticaria after sandfly bites at the beach. The baby was first taken to emergency room where the treatment had resolved urticaria but it recurred within few days. Then another physician had given antihistamines and topicals which did not resolve the issue. Finally the child was given supper diluted dose of Apis 30 C -1 drop of Apis 30c superdiluted in 1litre of water and 3 ml of this dilution was given to the child. Within 30 minutes all the wheals of the urticaria resolved. 

Given the prior history of severe allergic reaction the child was given homeopathy morgan pure 30 c, 2 drops diluted in 10ml of water and 3 ml of this dilution was given. Within minutes the child passed flatus along with hard stools.