Case of inability to tolerate any drugs

A 24 year old contacted me a few weeks ago about consut for her mother. After the consult she asked what medication she could take herself for a fever. She said that even paracetamol would cause her severe allergic reactions, no antibiotics could be taken by her, she was always scared for her life.
For the fever and anxiety I gave her homeopathy aconite 1M, 4_4_4 which stopped the fever and calmed her down.
For the drug reactions I gave her homeopathy urtica urens. This is drug which stops patients from reacting to allopathy medications.
After 3 days on it she took a quarter pill of paracetamol, nothing happened to her. She then tried a full pill and was fine. She then went and took the covid vaccine. She did not develop any side effects at all. She was previously told she could not take the vaccine because of her severe issues.
Urtica urens is the drug of choice for allopathic drug reactions.