Food allergies

I have lactose intolerance and am also allergic to prawn. Whenever I take milk I will have diarrhoea and taking prawn will have rashes. Sometimes I also have gluten intolerance after eating bread or cake. Have RA on my finger joints and knees joint too. I am also a hyperthyroidism case but recovered after being on Dr Tariq’s low dose thyroid combo.

I put myself on low dose curzinc 20-0-20, I felt my head very fullness and eye a bit blurr. I continued for a week. After getting advice from Amanda, I lowered the dose to 10-0-10. Then by third week I realized my allergic reaction to prawns seems to have gone and my lactose intolerance also gone. I also find my eyesight much sharper than last time. The joint pain also heeled by itself. Thanks to Amanda and Dr Tariq .