Renal Failure

A 73 years old lady with history of renal failure conditions was worsening. Nephrology advised her to do dialysis. Patient was very lethargic and giddy. Unable to walk less than 100 meters. No history of diabetes, hypertension, heart problems.

Blood tests showed Hb at 8, creatinine very high, urea high, Chloride high
Uric acid above 0.5
GFR 18-19

At such old age I was thinking dialysis will kill her faster. I just told her withhold dialysis and give me 2-3 months duration. I put her on drips multivitamin, Vitamin C, B12. She felt fresh.

After discussing the case with Dr Tariq I put her on homeopathy Phosphorus, Silicea, oral cytokine Renal combo, oral DNase, Anti IL1 for 10 days. She improved a bit, got energy but chloride was still high.

Again after discussing Dr Tariq advised to add on homeopathy carbo veg. After 10 days, although chloride still high; patient became active, could do house work and helping her son open the shop.

Later on we started her on oral cytokine Anti fungal combo. It showed not much improvement.

Again disturbing Dr Tariq; he advised last solution. Add on hydrogen!!
Now her chloride drop to normal.
Basically all the urea, creatinine is improving
Uric acid normal, Cholesterol normal
GFR improves 1%
Patient very active and look normal, not like a renal failure patient.
Really appreciate our Great Dr Tariq

Note : The renal case was a type 3 renal acidosis case with NAGMA…high chloride, gave hydrogen which helped the type 1 part of acidosis by getting the distal tubule to excrete hydrogen ions.
The bicarb is low indicating that there is a type 2 acidosis affecting proximal tubule too which will now respond to nat carb.