Plantar fascitis

Case of plantar fascitis

Saw my assistant limping last week. She had pain in the heel on walking.
Her new footwear were also causing her extensor fascitis. She had pain in the foot after getting up in the morning.

Put her on homeopathy pulsatilla + rhus tox + aranea diadema + cal fluor + ruta 30c. Also gave her antifungal combo

Pulsatilla is the one that helps pain after getting up in the morning in the heel.

After 15 min she was able to walk. After a week there is absolutely no pain left in either the plantar or the extensor area.


Leg numbness

Leg numbness

A 42 year old female patient came to me complaining of numbness in both her legs. She was fatigued, with oily skin and lot of thirst. She could not eat much as would need to poop. She was worse on lying down.

I gave her homeopathy Nat mur, gelsemium, podophylum, she felt little better.

Then enquired about dry mouth issues as suggested by Dr Tariq, to which she said yes; so gave her Kreosotum 30c and within 2 days all the numbness gone (it surprised me as well) and is energetic and active now.


Stretch marks

Case of stretch marks

Stretch marks case on shoulder region with very deep and reddish stretch marks to begin with.

I started only on low dose IGF1 to begin. After 3 months it has reduced considerabley.

Patient will be now put on Pancreatinum 3x 5-0-5 and topical Tocyen cream to get further improvements.



Persistent high ESR

Persistent high ESR

Sharing my case of meningitis with persistently high ESR starting from 98 and slowly reduced to 39 (almost 9 months).

Since last 3 weeks I added on low dose curzinc and imusil.
Her ESR tremendously dropped to 3 and she lost 3 kg within a month. Power of curzinc and imusil !


Delayed speech in kid

Delayed speech

5 year old boy with speech delayed came in for referal to a hospital. I started him on croc 1 TDS .
Within few days he was able to utter a few wods and keep talking till 3 am.
They decided not to go to hospital and continue our meds.
I have started to increase the dose now.


Corns on feet

Several painful corns

A old patient had several painful corns on the feet, she also has raynauds making the corns worse.
I used topical chelidonium+podophyllum tincture. Applied twice a day for 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks all the corns softened and dissolved out.
Patient could not do surgery since the blood flow was poor.
Topical cheli and podo is a great way of treating difficult corns



Case of BPH

A doc friend of mine was having frequent ineffectual urination. He was on urimax to improve urine flow and diagnosed with BPH.
He was on the prostrate combo but no avail.
In BPH cases zinc is a good idea but no matter how much I have dosed in the past it doesnt help BPH. I gave him curzinc 4 days ago. Quite a miracle really that in 4 days 90 percent of his troubles are gone.
Curcumin helps zinc enter in prostate tissue especially when its complexed to zinc.
Found a new use of curzinc!!


Back Pain

Case of back pain.

A doctor friend of mine had pain on the left side of the back. AN MRI showed a cyst in the lumbo sacral region, osteophytes and disc bulge. She was advised rest and hormone replacement treatment. HRT made no sense as she already had menopause at 45. HRT would not heal the cyst either.

Day before I gave her apis (for cyst), lachesis (disc bulge), cal fluor (osteophytes), curzinc (history of gluten intolerance). In 2 days all pain gone and no need of daily painkillers.

She had some dizzyness too so checked her BP and it was 140/90 yesterday. I put her on cholestrinum 30c and colchicum 30c. Cholestrinum removes arterial and liver fat induced inflammation, colchicum is used for leaky gut healing along with curzinc. Today her BP is normal and dizzyness has gone.


Severe fatigue

A case of severe fatigue

Patient complained of severe fatigue when asked what had happened said that she got a viral fever 20 days back after which she was unable to walk much or do simple chores. She would feel tired all the time and would want to lie down as she had no energy at all. She was on lot of vitamin supplements at that time.

Initially I gave Imusil and Glutathione which had not much effect. Then gave her low dose h2o2 drops — it worked like magic for her, her fatigue resolved in 3-4 days.


Down syndrome

Down syndrome

Sharing the case of a 7 year old down syndrome boy who could only communicate in mono syllables and that too just very few syllables. He also had rashes on and off which he described as pricking, would poke his mum to tell how he felt. He is a lovely child, very loving but just cannot communicate with his parents and family.

I started him on Croc 5 drop BD and apis 200c 2 drops BD. Two weeks later he could say 1 word at a time on and off.

I increased the Croc to 10 BD and the apis to 3 drops BD. The rashes resolved and he started saying 2 to 3 words at a time.

I got a bit bolder and increased his Croc to 20 drops BD and its been 3 weeks now. He is able to speak in short sentences with confidence. The mum is ecstatic and grateful. Thank you Dr tariq…you now gave him quality of life.

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