Case of back pain.

A doctor friend of mine had pain on the left side of the back. AN MRI showed a cyst in the lumbo sacral region, osteophytes and disc bulge. She was advised rest and hormone replacement treatment. HRT made no sense as she already had menopause at 45. HRT would not heal the cyst either.

Day before I gave her apis (for cyst), lachesis (disc bulge), cal fluor (osteophytes), curzinc (history of gluten intolerance). In 2 days all pain gone and no need of daily painkillers.

She had some dizzyness too so checked her BP and it was 140/90 yesterday. I put her on cholestrinum 30c and colchicum 30c. Cholestrinum removes arterial and liver fat induced inflammation, colchicum is used for leaky gut healing along with curzinc. Today her BP is normal and dizzyness has gone.