A case of cholestrinum in a Crohn’s patient

I had a Crohn’s case who had kidney and gall bladder stones. The patinet had stabilized the Crohn’s with nitric acid and low dose ustekinumab, IL 10 and anti IL1.

The anal fistula cuould not be solved since once the destruction happens and epithelial invasion happens in the stroma it is difficult to reverse.

The patient had stones and started having weight loss even though the calprotectin was normal.
The etiology is that in Crohn’s disease which affects the ileum there is loss of fatty acid absorption along with loss of bile acid absorption. This cause fatty acids to remain in the colon. These fatty acids bind to calcium and allow oxalate to enter the body. There they precipate to form stones. The gall bladder forms stones since bile resorbtion is slowed.

Homeopathy cholestrinum was given which improved weight and the gall bladder pain went.
With additional physalis, lycopodium and berberis the stones slowly came out.