Presenting my brother in law case

64 yrs old gentleman past history of Colon Cancer Stage 3 about 20 yrs ago in remission post op with herbal medicine.

History of fever for 4 days with joints pain and loss of appetite not responding to antipyretics, took RTK Ag for COVID 19, negatives for 2 consecutive days. Was on “Flu prevention” tablets and Arnica prescribed by one of the homeopath.

I asked my sister to bring back my brother in law for Dengue Serology. They only went back on Day 6 when the fever keep spiking and he became more lethargic.

Went to the clinic for dengue serology on day 6 of fever.
Positive Ig G and Ig M for dengue. FBC lymphopenia with platelets reducing from 140k to 72k. Low MCH, MCV.
FBP shows mild anisopoikilocytosis.

LFT shows features consistent with viral hepatitis (2 x increased in liver enzymes). CRP raised.

Admitted to hospital last 2 nights with loss of appetite, breaking bones and joints , rashes over abdomen, very toxic looking and have to be wheeled into the ward. All the homeopathies and vitamin supplements were confiscated and put under lock and key by the hospital.

Temperature lingers at 37.8-39C despite regular Acetaminophen.
Platelet going down from 72K to 28K within 12 hours. Drop to 25K last night.
Severe back pain.

Was on NaCl and Gelafundin infusion, regular paracetamol in the ward.

Consulted Dr Tariq and plan for
1) Eupatorium perf 1M 4_0_4 specific for dengue fever
2) Antiviral
3) Rhus Tox 4_0_4 for joint pain and itchy rashes
4) Platelet Elevator 20_0_20
5) Tablet Glothione 1_1_1 for back pain

Day 8 today
no more fever after 2 dose Eup Perf, platelet climbing up frm 25K to 38K today with 2 doses of platelet elevator, feeling more energetic, back pain reduced tremendously with 3 doses of Glothione and rashes subsided rapidly will increased general well being after 3 doses of Rhus Tox.

Awaiting to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow if platelets coming up further tonight.

Once again thank you Dr Tariq and Amanda who arranged on ‘smuggling’ the cytokines and homeopathy into the hospital.

An amazing short recovery for Dengue patient indeed!