A case discussion of a good friend of mine.
He has sciatica for few months now. Two months ago he contracted Chikungunya and was bed ridden during to severe arthritis. He underwent Ayurveda treatment which resolved his arthritis. But his sciatica is increasingly troubling him after that. I shall post his comments below for you to understand better.

“When walking the feet feel numb too
When I want to wear my slippers I find it difficult to coordinate because of the feet numbness.
When I am at a seating position at times the entire 2 legs freeze and the feet cramps become painfull.
When lying on bed I feel that both my legs are heavy and tightness in the thighs both front and back.
When I try to straighten my legs my bottom of feet feel numb and also a cramp feeling
When I want to get up.. I feel like I can’t stand up like I used to. Now I have to tell myself to coordinate and then with a lot of effort get up. The back pain is there as well as the knees feel loose and wobbly.
Just as I manage to stand up the bottocks and thigh start to feel sharp pain
I can’t immediately walk but have to bear the pain and move slowly by getting support from the walls etc
The knees are still wobly
When I am seated I can’t seat more than 15mins if not the bums start aching”

After discussing this case wit Dr T, we started him on remedy Conium. I got a feedback last weekend & he has improved by 70%, especially is wobbly lower limbs.