Kidney stone

Kidney stone case

A patient came with left flank pain, worse after passing urine. The USG showed 4.7mm kidney stone.
No pus cells in urine, however the local GP gave antibiotics. Post the antibiotics the pain flared up and became unbearable. She had severe acidity and vomiting too.

Gave her low dose kidney stone combo, homeopathy ipecac and bismuth.

Next day she called to say that the vomiting and acidity had stopped but the pain was intense and she wanted to get hospitalized, she could not get a bed in the local hospital and an IV shot of painkillers did not stop pain.

I gave her homeopathy belladonna 1m. Within 10 minutes her pain reduced and she slept off.
After 2 days all pain has gone and she passed out the kidney stone.

Belladonna is the best way to stop the acute pain of a kidney stone.