Homeopathy Phosphorus in COVID

A husband and wife with mild covid were prescribed steroids very high doses with azithromycin. The steroids were abruptly withdrawan by their doctor on the 4th day after which their SpO2 fell rapidly. When they contacted me the SpO2 was 85 and falling by the hour.

The wife has severe vomiting and unable to eat anything, the husband was having an irritating cough.

Started both of them the antiviral COVID combo, low dose VIP and Trichostatin A along with homeopathy senega. For the wife’s vomiting and lack of apetite hoeopathy ignatia and ipecaca were given.

The wifes’ vommitting stopped and the next day their SpO2 was hovering around 89 but stopped improving after that. In the evening homeopathy phosphorous was also added on. Within 10 minutes their SpO2 crossed 94 for both of them. By Day 4 their SpO2 hovereed around 98 and had recovered from all the symptoms.

Note : Steroids stop the recirculation of lymphocytes. Homeopathy phosphorous is a sphinosine 1 regulator which helps lymphocytes leve the lymphn nodes to enter areas of inflammation. Use homeopathy phosphorus in any COVID patient who has been immunosuppressed early on with steroids.